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Supplier Fresh Provisions

Fresh Provisions

Fruit, Vegetables, Milk, Fish, Nuts, Dairy Products..

Supplier Canned Provisions

Canned Provisions

Legumes, Mushrooms, Fish, Sauces, Tomato Paste, Meat and Fish Pastes, Corned Beef, Fruit in Syrup, Coffee, Tea,..

Frozen Fish Frozen Meat

Frozen Provisions

Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Ice Cream, Frozen Bakery Products, Eggs, Pasta, Butter..

Spices Oriental Catering

Spices, Sweetners & Cubes

Salts, Sugars, Honey, Bouillioun Cubes, Armoas, Dressings, Soup Powders, Spices in Bulk and more.

Dry Provisions

Packed & Bakery Products

Grain Products, Bread, Dry Fruit, Dry Vegetables, Breakfast products and more.

Etnic Food Chandler

Oriental Food

Indian Food, Thai Food, Chinese Food. Noodles, Masala, Hot Indian Pickles, Dhall, Mixes, Spices, Ramen Noodles, Spring Rolls, Thai and Basmati Rices.

Drinks Bonded Stores


Water, Soft Drinks, Juices, Soda, Syrup, Tea, Coffee and more.

Catering Equipment Galley

Catering Equipment

Pans, Tableware, Cookware, Serving Equipment, Glass, Tongs, Blenders, Tools, Plates, Bowls.

Barbagelata Adriatica

A reliable service, that encounters your needs!

Ship Supplier Catering ProvisionsWe are able to provide:

- Welfare Items
- Personal Hygene Items
- Medicines
- Books, DVDs and more
- Bonded Stores

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