A history of sea. people. progress.

Doctor Captain Salvatore Ciuoffo, ISSA president for 12 years and later President of Honour, fouded Barbagelata Adriatica in 1959.
The first office and warehouse was found in Trieste's city center, in the famous "Molo Bersaglieri".

Who We Are Today

Today Barbagelata Adriatica is a team of about 20 people involved in ship supply, structured with different branches and tasks. This allows us to be part of different markets, keeping a considerable amount of stock for goods we sell and guarateeing a service that very few of our worlwide competitors can match.

Our commitment to our customer's satisfaction is a crucial point in our business strategy. In fact one of our key points during sales operations is to understand at what type and grade of products the customer is aiming.

Being backed up by a team of professionals allows us to always get it right!